About Us

Founder - Rick Price

The Senior Vice President of a global insurance company has written that Rick “is a strategic thinker as well as someone who knows execution inside out.  He is expert in improving organizational outcomes via timely, penetrating and sustainable situational analysis, strategy, execution, people management and leadership.”  

This business optimization practice has a laser focus on delivering lean process, agile development and high performance operations and is led by Richard L. Price, MBA, MPA, PMP, CSM.

Our Help Wins You New Customers

You have decided you need to change.  We needed to change too, so we wrote the book on change management best practices.  Your managers and teams will learn to stretch, struggle and succeed as we coach and mentor your company. We bring back your big wins with daily take-aways that clear away impediments to technical, operational  and sales productivity! For 30 years we have grown by being a learning organization constantly investing in the way forward and delivering innovation and transformation as process and technology solutions to our customers' operations. We will please you, as we have pleased clients in the USA, Europe and Asia by listening, being hands-on, working quickly and delivering much needed change.  

Business Transformation Solves Recurring Problems

We approach each business problem knowing that we have the solution to help you win again, because we have done it so often for our clients.  We build-in metrics and quantifiable best practices, so reporting will be real-time, and can be used to make good decisions. We provide superior implementation of the transformation capability for our clients using a credentialed, multi-discipline, veteran team of business professionals and technical teams.  We strive to mature your people, processes and tools to rebuild business integrity, performance and delivery to your customers. We help our clients let go of old problems they have gotten painfully used to, that have cost time, money, employees and even customers.